Banjo Lessons



We teach both 4 string and 5 string banjo.

For the 5 string, we will be playing in Standard G tuning. This is one of the most common ways of tuning the banjo, and it’s also one of the easiest for a beginner because you get a G chord automatically.

Standard tuning for a G Banjo is

5th - G

4th - D

3rd - G

2nd - B

1st - D

There are a few different styles and  techniques when playing banjo.

Strumming, Finger pickin and Claw hammer.

5 String Banjo Chord Chart

Easy Strumming Songs

Amazing Grace Chords

Diana Chords

Dream Lover Beginner     Chords

Leaving on a jet plane Chords

Nights in white satin Chords

Oh Carol    Chords

Shotgun   Chords

Stand by Me  Chords

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