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week 1

Lesson 20 Intermediate Level

Lesson 20a Nice (an original song) Video
Lesson 20b Something Chords
Lesson 20c  Freight Train Blues. easy tab  Listen lesson video part 1
Lesson 20e  Freight Train  Lesson video 2  int version


week 2
Lesson 21 Sunny Afternoon Chords
Lesson 21a More inversion chords


Week 3
Lesson 22a Space oddity Bowie  Lesson Video  Perf Video  Chords

Lesson 22b Rakes of Marlow Perf Video

Lesson 22c Mourning Air

week 4

Lesson 23 Understanding moving chords

Lesson 23a 

Week 5

Lesson 25 Struming and rhythm

Lesson 25a Which D, which A

week 6

Lesson 26   Complete run thru of American Pie

Lesson 26a All through the night.  

Lesson 26b Pre run thru of Faury tale of New York

Week 7

Lesson 27 Fairt tale of new york

Lesson 27a explaing split bars

Week 8

Lesson 28  Christmas melodies

Lesson 28a Correct scales use

Week 9 

Lesson 29 Christmas Songbook run thru

Lesson 29a extended chord relationships

Week 10

Extra reading
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