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The very very beginning.  If you are just starting it can be quite daunting. Should I learn chords, should I learn scales, I can't read music. Well here at Spiders we will guide you through the process with easy to digest lessons. 


Lesson 1.     Lets look and understand the guitar. How to hold it.

Lesson 1a    Parts of the guitar

Lesson 1b    Lets learn the notes.

Lesson 1c    How to read TAB (guitar music)

Lesson 1d    First song 

Lesson  1e   Understanding Chord Boxes

Lesson  1f   Your first chord sheet

Lesson 1G   Understanding time signatures

Lesson 1h    Almost every pop song ever written

Lesson 2.  Power Chords/5ths

Lesson 2a Paradise City

Lesson 2b It's a jungle Melody

Lesson 2c It's a jungle chords

Lesson 2d Zombie  Chords  PVG Lesson video

Lesson 3a  Some new chords Am  Fmaj7  E

Lesson 3b  Changing smoothly

Lesson 3c  2 finger power chords

Lesson 3d  Power chords chart

Lesson 4d  Ivor the tiger

Lesson 4  Re cap week

Lesson 4a Leaving on a jet plane

Lesson 5 House of the rising sun

Lesson 5a House of the rising sun video run through

Lesson 5b  4 Non Blondes ish video

Lesson 5c Leaving on a jet plane lesson video

Lesson 6 More of house of the rising sun

Lesson 6a more strumming and review.

Lesson 6b submit your own songs to try

Lesson 7   Review all work 

Lesson 7a Country Roads

Lesson 7b using a capo

Lesson 7c How to find songs and play them

Lesson 8

Lesson 8 Moveabe chords

Lesson 8a Blues intro

Lesson  9 Should I stay or should I go

Lesson 10  Complete re cap on course. Re visiting all parts and looking how to find new songs and put them together

Lesson 11     Welcome back and welcome to new students.

Lesson 11a    Shivers Chords and Intro melody sheet 1

Lesson 12 Rhythmic development (using A, D & E )

Lesson 12a Time signatures (same as 1g)

Lesson 13a Horse with no name Sheet 1

Lesson 13b Nights in white satin Chords

Lesson 14  Major 7ths

Lesson 14a Something

Lesson 14b Chasing Cars

Lesson 14c  Can't take my eyes of you

Lesson 14d Everybodys talkin

Lesson 14f  Here comes the sun

Lesson 14g Strum 1 video

Lesson 14h Strum 2 video

Lesson 15  Strumming

Lesson 15a Strumming video for nights in white satin

Lesson 15b  Strumming for whats up Video

Lesson 15c Strummng for Knocking on heavens door video

Lesson 15d Strumming for Yellow video

Lesson 15e Strumming for Teenage kicks video

Lesson 16 More strumming

Lesson 16a Radioactive

Lesson 17 Suspended Chords

Lesson 17 a Barre Chords major, minor, Minor 7ths and Dom 7ths

Lesson 17b Bm & F sharp minor

Lesson 17c Canon 

Lesson 18 More suspended chords

Lesson 18a Brass in Pocket

Lesson 19  The impotance of Melodies

Lesson 19a Scarborough Fair

Lesson 19b Greensleeves

Lesson 19c Malagena

Lesson 19d Amazing Grace


More simple tunes


Freight Train Blues Listen

Grade 2

Turkey in the straw

Lesson 1e

If you understand a,b,c and d then check out our Easy Tunes Songbook 

Easy Tunes Songbook

Easy tunes Songbook 1, Stage 1

Click here to download your free copy of Easy Tunes Songbook 1


Here you will find an audio of each of the tunes from your first songbook. Listen to the songs, starting with " Its a jungle" once you have learned how to play, try and play along with the music. Only move on once you have completed and can play the songs in order.

Lead Guitar Playing / Soloing

Theory Sheet 3

Now we move to chords.

Lesson 6 Easy first Chords