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Time for practice

How do I become a great player. Practice, practice, practice. Is the easy answer.

But Im far too busy excuse excuse.

You need to plan.

Each week, set aside some time as you do for lessons. 20 mins minimum.

Also make sure the place you practice is quiet, no distractions. You have paper and pen. Music Stand. Comfy chair (if playing guitar). An adjustable stool for piano. Decent light so you can see the music.

Get organised. Make sure your music is in a folder and in order.

All obvious things I know but you will be surprised that people will sit on the bed or sit in front of the tv while its on or have the music in front of them on the floor or by their side.

Get yourself a decent music stand. It will make a massive difference. A foot stool if playing guitar.

However, the most important is making time.

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